About Us

Stephen Moore

Managing Partner

The visionary of Best Construction Brands, the parent company of Best Baths and Showers.

“I have been a resident of Colorado Springs my entire life, but I have been very blessed to explore many corners of the world. Through my experiences, I have developed a keen sense of what it takes to build a compassionate atmosphere that embodies the ongoing improvement of community, health, and family.

My vision of Best Construction Brands is to positively impact our community through investing in our employees, giving back to our community, and encompassing a higher quality of life for everyone involved.”

ray nation

Managing Partner

“I have been a resident of Colorado since 1999 and moved here to provide the best opportunities possible for my family. I am a father of two with many grandchildren.

For more than 30 years, I have worked my way from ditch digger to marketing manager to operations director to salesman to CEO. This experience has provided me with the necessary knowledge and tools to set the foundation of the company and ensure that all members of the company are given the necessary knowledge for success.

I train our installation crews and sales representatives and set the processes to better serve our customers.”

katee mckean

relations specialist

“I was born in Colorado Springs and grew up in Denver. I spent 6 years as teacher in Aurora, CO before entering the world of home improvement. My dad is an expert carpenter and my mom is a successful businesswoman.

My role within Best Construction Brands is to ensure customer satisfaction through reliable communication, prompt scheduling, and quality assurance of materials. I also ensure that the company values and practices are followed through with integrity in all departments.”


PROJECT manager

Ben ensures customer satisfaction from the moment of estimation to the completion of the project. As your project manager, he does his absolute best to educate our customers about the upcoming process of their project. He has an eye on each project as they move through headquarters and works with our customer’s best interests in mind.


master technician

Jaden is an expert carpenter with numerous years of experience in home improvement. He specializes in bathroom remodeling and deck construction. He provides our installation crews with the guidance of company expectations for each project and ensures that our projects are completed to our highest standards. He has been positioned in roles of labor to administration to project evaluation over the years.


Our story

Best Construction Brands Inc and Best Baths and Showers has been serving Colorado Springs, CO since 2006. We have served countless customers during that time, becoming the premier construction, bathroom remodeler, and restoration company in Southern Colorado. We serve homeowners by providing exceptional bathroom remodels and permanently protecting their exterior living spaces. We guarantee that our work and customer service will exceed your expectations. At Best Construction Brands, Inc. and Best Baths and Showers, we love what we do, and it shows every step of the way.

We can build, repair, and service any wood or concrete exterior structures. We allow our customers to enjoy not only the inside but also the outside of their homes and keep them looking great. With top-notch professionalism and unparalleled experience, you can count on us.

Our Best Baths and Showers division offers the Best in materials for each remodel. We pride ourselves on the quality of installation in comparison to other companies that offer an unsatisfactory one-day remodel. Our unique installation panels avoid the use of acrylics, tile, plastic, and fiberglass. Visit our Best Baths & Showers tab in the Services bar for more information! 

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Our Expert Team

At Best Construction Brands, we handle communication with thorough and professional detail, providing updates as needed throughout the entire deck & concrete project in the Colorado Springs area. 

Our professional team uses high-end materials from quality product providers. Our expertly trained team is dedicated to providing excellent customer care and exceptional service.